Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Shopping Slaves

Greetings: I am accepting applications for shopping slaves. I love jewellery, shoes, clothes, leather, latex, pvc, spiked heels. You must be very generous. Contact me at

You can also contact me here.
Call Mistress Cynthia Ashanti for phone sex on

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Friday, May 2, 2008

For Bitchboy

The diamond bracelet arrived on the 29 of April. It is just gorgeous. Here are your pictures.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Mail bag

Here is a example of the emails I receive. They are not all like this!

Hi Mistress Cynthia,

I guess I'm emailing you because I think I'm queer ! Everytime I masterbate I keep thinking of having sex with a man in front of the women that I work with - having them catch me sucking on a dick in the office or being taken from behind over my desk.

I love the idea of being blackmailed by a dominant woman threatening to email one of my female colleagues at work and outing me by telling her all about my homosexual desires !

Would you be willing to take me on as one of your blackmailed slaves and make my fantasy a reality?


Hello Mistress:
Maybe this is a little different from the usual e-mails and applications You recieve.
For the last years i have had a dream/fetish/desire to become a "robo-slave" for a Woman like You.
To be programmed, edited, formed and fine tuned into a perfect robo-slave.
A robo-slave that You can program things into.
Things like:
Amount of time worshipping its owners photos
Amount of time working every day
What time to get up in the morning.
What time to go to bed in the evening.
Payment routines.
Etc etc.

So, the reason i am contacting You now is to ask if You are interested in programming me.
Fine tune me.
Make me Your perfect robo-slave.
i have read Princess (blank) diary and She got a robo-slave.
maybe it was reading that, that finally made me realize that i need to become one myself and not just have it as a fantasy.


Monday, April 21, 2008

Attention Shopping Slaves

Attention Shopping Slaves:
I am loving the dvds, the shoes, the clothes. However it's time for some more jewellery. I want this diamond bracelet. Buy it for me asap. Here is the link for the diamond bracelet. Click here
Here is a picture of it.

Slave Steve you can participate in this.

Mistress Cynthia Ashanti

Beauty day

Saturday was my bi-weekly beauty day. I think it's really important for a woman to take care of themselves. Anyways, Steve drove my girlfriend and I around that day. It was pouring rain. As he took us from place to place. He would get out of the car, open the door for me. Then Andrea. Then escort us into the building while holding our purse and the umbrella.

First stop was eye brow shaping. Slave Steve takes forever to park. So after about a minute of waiting for him. I'm on my cell phone. Telling him to hurry the fuck up. While we get our eye brows shaped he stands there and holds our purses. When we are done. He pays and then on to the next appointment.

Hair...while my friend and I get our hair done. Steve is out doing getting our lunch from 2 different places and drinks from another completely different place. I like to keep him on his toes.

Now it was time for our pedicure and manicure. Steve was allowed to stay. He simply sat in the corner like a dog and watched and waited. The place that we go to is very upscale. By appointment only. So it's me Andrea, Linda(the attendant), the receptionist and her husband in the salon. I'm always threatening to not have a private appointment so that Steve can be seen by other women. I'm sure they would laugh at him.

Anyways it was a great day. I loved my hair, my peddy and manicure. Steve was a good boy. He got a nice little reward at the end of the day.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


My shopping slaves have been quite generous. Here are my latest gifts.

As you can see I love dvds. I have been very busy with sessions but I did find time to watch "I am Legend" starring Will Smith. Fantastic movie...5 stars.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Longterm servitude

When you are thinking about longterm servitude. I want you to be prepared to answer these questions. "Why should I take you? What can you do for me?"

What are your skills? Are you a web designer, attorney, carpenter, craftsman, contractor, businessman, shopping slave etc. List the many skills that may be useful to a me. Fortunately, if you are looking to serve in a financial domination capacity. The financial aspect removes some of that burden because the money is useful even if you are not. However, I'm sure there is always potential for me to utilize your strengths (or anything else I want!).

All slaves have weakness and stregthens. You must be aware of them so that you can work on improving. There is no more emotionally intimate relationship than a real D/s bond.

Here is an example of a completed assignment by a longterm financial slave.
1. i work hard, priding myself on stamina and ability to remain on task. Of course any such skills are always in need of further improvement, but i value the ability to work hard for Goddess Cynthia Ashanti.
2. i'm able to sacrifice my own desires -- i've had no orgasm in over 8 months, i've lived in borderline poverty for well over a year, i've found Goddess's pleasure to be sufficient for my own.
3. i'm serious about servitude, giving up control of my mind and finances and whatever else Goddess wants.

1. i find it hard to relax and can be earnest to the point of comedy.
2. i'm long-winded. i struggle to say things concisely but never quite succeed.
3. i procrastinate and otherwise poorly manage my time. i can't keep my desk clean because it's easier for me to add things to a pile than it is to discard them.